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Text Analytics

Capture, analyze, and respond to unstructured feedback from your customers

Text Analytics gives you the power to see beyond traditional metrics—by transforming thousands of unstructured, open-ended comments from your customers into meaningful and actionable insights. With Text Analytics, you can collect free-form verbatim customer comments from virtually any source, automatically extract the important information, and apply powerful predictive analytic techniques to identify key issues and trigger meaningful change.

More Insights. Less Effort.

Your customers have thousands of open-ended, unsolicited conversations about your brand and your products every day. Thanks to a powerful, customizable rules engine, Text Analytics makes it possible to hear and act on all of these customer stories—without spending the time to manually read, understand, and organize verbatim comments.

Text Analytics that Speak Your Language

Every industry and company has its own unique terminology, idioms, and language patterns. MaritzCX Text Analytics makes sure you can capture all of them—with specific customizations that incorporate words and phrases that apply specifically to your products and industry across multiple languages. We’ve been developing and optimizing these industry-specific text analytics rules for more than a decade, so you can instantly tap into all of the research, experience, and intellectual capital we’ve accumulated over the years.

Understand Every Comment from Any Source

Most of the feedback you receive from your customers already comes from unstructured sources like email conversations, product reviews, and social media feeds, and the volume of this unstructured data is exploding. Text Analytics uses advanced technology to find and extract the valuable information buried in all of these open-ended comments—so you can turn conversations from dozens of chaotic and unstructured channels into a single, unified source of meaningful information.

“Set it and Forget it” Just Doesn’t Cut it

Every MaritzCX text analytics implementation receives on-going maintenance (or tune ups). We know that your business changes, your customers change, and the way your customers respond changes. In order for the categorization logic to remain accurate and relevant, it must be monitored and updated on a regular basis. That's why we build regular audits and logic updates into each text program we do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Text Analytics find and use information in unstructured comments?

Text Analytics uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to quickly find important words and concepts in open-ended comments. Then, it applies customizable rule-based logic to quickly analyze, categorize, and convert verbatim comments into a valuable source of actionable information.

What types of unstructured data can Text Analytics analyze?

You can configure Text Analytics to analyze unstructured, free-form text from virtually any source, including email messages, social media posts and feeds, online surveys and forms, case management notes, and more.

How long does it take to compile, analyze, and convert open-ended comments into useful information?

With its advanced NLP processing technology and rules-based analytics engine, MaritzCX can turn raw, unstructured comments from nearly any source into unified, cohesive, and actionable information within minutes.

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