Spotlight® Customer Data Mining

Powerful analytics with one click

Spotlight® customer data mining gives you the fast, sophisticated software brain you need to transform all your complex customer data into actionable intelligence. With Spotlight® Data Mining, you can understand all of the complex interactions between different feedback points and actual customer behaviors—and you can do it in a matter of minutes rather than months

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Customer Data Mining

Powerful Doesn’t Have to Mean Complicated

Spotlight® Data Mining makes highly complex big data analytics simple and intuitive enough for everyone in your organization—from business managers and CX teams to analytics experts. That means you can always take advantage of a convenient, intuitive user interface to uncover the hidden insights and opportunities in any data set.

Customer Data Mining Flexible Enough for Any Source

Spotlight® is the only customer data mining solution that’s built specifically for CX, so it’s ready to analyze and uncover insights from all of your different data sources. This includes everything from traditional surveys and historical research to operational, financial, and ongoing transactional and relationship data.

Meet the Brains of Your CX Operation

Simply collecting and storing massive amounts of customer information from dozens (or hundreds) of different touch points is a tall order. But making sense of it all can be nearly impossible—unless you have a smart, powerful customer data mining and analytics engine built into the heart of your CX solution. Spotlight® Data Mining provides this engine, with analytical tools that can process over a trigintillion (1093) data combinations with the click of a mouse. This gives you the power to turn complex data into the relevant information you need to make smart business choices and prioritize your CX efforts.

Customer Data Mining

Make Analytical Intelligence Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

Spotlight® Customer Data Mining is becoming an integrated piece of the MaritzCX platform, which means it will work with Survey Builder, Text Analytics, Dashboards and Reports, and other components to add advanced customer data mining capabilities to every part of your CX program—and allow you to quickly turn CX data into smart business choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should use Spotlight® customer data mining?

    Spotlight® uses complex algorithms and an advanced software architecture, but it’s built for business stakeholders as well as data experts. That means both audiences can generate better insights faster and free up more time and resources to drive change.

  • How does Spotlight® prioritize results?

    Spotlight® prioritizes patterns that represent the biggest potential lift in your key metrics (such as customer loyalty, lifetime value, or retention). The resulting patterns always contain a set minimum number of respondents to make sure your actions will have a noticeable impact on a sizeable customer segment.

  • How does data get into Spotlight® Data Mining for analysis?

    Data enters the Spotlight® system in one of three ways: through surveys, through files uploaded to the platform, and through integrations with CRM, ERP, and other business systems. Spotlight® treats all data equally regardless of the original source.

  • How do I know Spotlight’s® results are valid?

    Spotlight® customer data mining relies exclusively on proven models and methodologies, and you can easily validate Spotlight’s® results through standard reports. Spotlight® also automatically tests patterns for stability and statistical significance to eliminate questionable results.

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