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Create a Smart, Effective CX Blueprint

Every successful CX program starts with a smart, strategic blueprint. MaritzCX can help you get there—with the tools, processes, and expertise you need to design and implement a CX plan that empowers every person in your organization to drive measurable CX results.


Focused, disciplined research leads directly to intelligent business decisions. With MaritzCX, you can accurately assess, segment, benchmark, and focus your CX initiatives, so you always have the solid, accurate information you need to drive retention and increase loyalty.

Leverage the Power of Big Data

More data means deeper insights. But properly collecting, validating, and integrating growing volumes of customer data is never easy. MaritzCX solves your toughest data challenges with data collection and integration services that turn data into results at any scale and across every customer touch point in your organization.

Boost Your CX IQ

MaritzCX gives you direct, immediate access to some of the world’s most advanced and sophisticated data analysis methods and models. That means you can accurately identify trends earlier, make smarter decisions in less time, and stay a step of the competition.

Sometimes, there’s simply no substitute for a little extra knowledge and expertise. MaritzCX gives you instant access to a scalable force of CX experts who are ready to step in as needed to help you execute or manage your customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value programs.

Discover New Sources of Objective Truth

Successful CX programs need genuine, unbiased, and unemotional sources of truth, and MaritzCX is ready to provide them. This includes professionally designed surveys, the industry’s best mystery shopping service, and other tools and solutions you can use to get an honest, complete, and unemotional view of what customers experience when they interact with your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do MaritzCX Research Services and the MaritzCX Technology Platform work together?

    Maritz Research Services are designed to complement, integrate, and interact with the MaritzCX technology platform. This unique combination of CX technology, research services, and expertise creates important new opportunities for driving customer retention, boosting conversion rates, and delivering lifetime value.

  • How many different research services and programs does MaritzCX provide?

    MaritzCX offers service solutions in five key areas: Strategy and Design Consulting, Strategic Research, Data Collection, Advanced Analytics, Program Management, and Mystery Shopping. Each of these areas includes a variety of specific offerings, which you can select, modify, and combine to meet your needs.

  • Can I customize specific MaritzCX Research Services or offerings to meet specific requirements?

    With MaritzCX Research Services, you can always choose from a wide range of popular pre-packaged offerings and solutions, mix and match different offerings, or work with our representatives to design a custom solution that perfectly matches your CX needs.

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