Enterprise Mystery Shopping

Harness the power of data to reveal your real cx story and gather insights that lead to action

Mystery Shopping – Measuring CX Where it Matters Most

Mystery Shopping provides a uniquely objective and unbiased source of truth and insight into the consistency of your brand and the effectiveness of your CX programs. With this high-touch and high-tech service, you get an honest, unemotional view of what real customers experience and perceive when they interact with your business. You can use this insight to make meaningful changes and improvements where they matter most.

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How Will Enterprise Mystery Shopping Help Improve Your CX Results?

Our Mystery Shopping teams at MaritzCX understand your industry, benchmarks, and channel nuances to help you:

  • Correct problems before they impact your business
  • Measure CX effectiveness and gather potent competitive intelligence
  • Protect your brand and continually improve customer interactions

Industry Knowlege. Market Experience.

MaritzCX has been managing mystery shopping programs for over 35 years. That’s experience. We conduct more than 500,000 shops annually across a variety of industries throughout North America. Our team of market-specific experts help today’s Fortune 500 companies maintain brand standards at every customer touchpoint.

Measure customer experiences to quickly identify gaps across every customer touchpoint. Use these insights to protect your brand, improve your customer interactions, and correct problems before they impact your business.

Understand what’s truly happening in your stores, online, on the phone, and on social media. Use valuable insights to link mystery shopping results to sales volume. Build your action plan.

Strengthen critical consumer services and product support efforts. Operationally, mystery shopping can be used to help monitor regulatory compliance.

Improve performance by assessing representative performance and behavior. Increase compliance with sales and service practices and compare customer experience among offices and agent types.

Mystery Shopping – Delivering on Your Brand Promise

Gather Valuable Insights That Lead to Action

Expert, unbiased mystery shoppers offer you a complete and unemotional view of the quality and consistency of your customer experiences where you do business – at the ground level and across all your delivery channels. This gives you the information and insights you need to protect your brand, continually improve your customer interactions, and correct problems before they impact your business.

Measure Your Performance Against Industry Benchmarks

MaritzCX Mystery Shopping teams understand your industry, including specific customer triggers, performance benchmarks, and other channel nuances. As a result, they know how to collect the deep, meaningful insights that enable you to make concrete, measurable CX improvements.

Harness the Power of Data to Assess the Competition

Mystery Shopping offers you a great way to measure your own CX effectiveness. It also offers a uniquely potent source of competitive intelligence. By collecting unbiased, emotion-free intelligence about both your own organization and your competitors, you can identify competitive strengths and weaknesses and quickly make adjustments to gain the advantage.

Make Mystery Shopping Services Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Mystery Shopping services available for different shopping channels?

    Yes. You can use our mystery shopping expertise to measure and evaluate customer experiences across your in-store, online, and social media channels. Our mystery shopping team will work with you to identify the scope and scale that best meets the needs of your business.

  • How is MaritzCX Mystery Shopping different than other similar services?

    MaritzCX uses the highest standards in the customer feedback management industry to recruit the best and most convincing professional mystery shoppers. Our researchers use proprietary communications technologies to gather critical, unbiased data from our shoppers and customize the interventions to suit your particular needs. MaritzCX conducts more than 260,000 mystery shopping experiences every year, so we have the scope and experience to meet your toughest requirements.

  • How do I become a MaritzCX mystery shopper?

    MaritzCX has over 100,000 professional shoppers working on behalf of our world-class clients. Our shoppers must meet certain qualifications in order to become part of our team. Start your shopper qualification process today.

Identify Your CX Reality – Make Mystery Shopping Part of Your CX Program