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CX Workout

CX Workout

Interactive customer journey mapping

Link customer journey mapping and co-creation to CX measurement and performance

It’s no secret that understanding the customer journey is key to earning happy customers – and it’s no surprise that CX leaders are often left to do the heavy lifting of creating, sharing, and acting on journey-based views.

CX Workout is a SaaS-based customer journey mapping and qualitative research tool that helps you quickly map the customer journey, bring it to life for executives, and develop specific action plans with customers.

Learn how CX Workout can supercharge your CX program with interactive customer journey mapping.

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CX Workout will help you:

  • Make journey mapping an agile, iterative process
  • Bring the customer journey to life with rich media
  • Co-create solutions directly with customers
  • Make CX Workout an indispensable part of your CX program

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A recent Forrester Report found that only 2% of companies are set up to “identify, deliver on and measure moments” in the customers’ experience.

Make Journey Mapping an Agile, Iterative Process

CX Workout gives you the tools to quickly define stages, touchpoints, and actions that occur across the customer journey. And because it’s interactive and online, you can adapt previous journeys and build new ones over time as your environment changes.

Journey Mapping

Bring the Customer Journey to Life with Rich Media

CX Workout asks customers and employees to upload videos and photos capturing their experiences directly, giving CX professionals access to rich front line information like never before – and providing a human touch that brings the journey to life for decision makers who ultimately need to take action.

Journey Mapping

Co-create Solutions Directly with Customers

CX Workout enables organizations to engage customers directly in online discussions to hear firsthand the customers’ ideas for improvement and innovation. This creates a treasure trove of detail on specific journey stages, touch points, and actions taken on both sides of the table.

Journey Mapping

Make CX Workout an Indispensable Part of Your CX Program.

Together, MaritzCX and CX Workout deliver the industry’s most comprehensive CX solution linking customer journey mapping and co-creation to ongoing CX measurement and performance improvement. This gives CX leaders the full portfolio of tools they need to fully understand the experience and drive real change in their organizations.