Fast Track

Get to CX wins quickly with a turnkey CX solution

Fast Track is a comprehensive turnkey solution built by industry experts to ensure your success. It includes a unique system of surveys, role-based dashboards and hot alerts built for quick and efficient implementation. Fast Track combines the full power of the MaritzCX platform with best practice methodologies, empowering your company to hit the ground running with a holistic CX solution customized to your industry.

Implement Your Solution with Confidence

You could spend months on survey design and implementation—but sometimes it’s best to just get started. Fast Track programs are implemented in weeks—not months—by MaritzCX implementation experts.

A CX Program Designed for Your Industry

MaritzCX experts have designed Fast Track programs tailored to address the unique business challenges facing companies in the retail, financial services, B2B technology, and B2B diversified industries. Fast Track solutions are easily scaled to meet the specific needs of larger and smaller companies.

Leverage Proven Benchmarks, Tools,

Fast Track offers you the planning, integration, and implementation services you need to get your CX program up and running quickly. But it also provides a set of best practice benchmarks, data sets, analytical tools, custom research, and analytics expertise that will make sure you get positive results from the very first day. You can use these pre-built resources to form a solid foundation for your CX solution—then fine-tune and expand them as your program grows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what types of services does Fast Track include?

  • Training and integration services
  • System of surveys integrated with the industry’s most advanced analytical platform and statistical measurement system.
    • Holistic reporting instantly reveals relational patterns connecting survey data and operational data to drivers of revenue.
  • Role based dashboard suite
    • Automatically updates with fresh data across multiple channels and allows for segmentation of reporting by role and by vertical market.
    • Creates a comprehensive path to improving retention and revenue, operationally and competitively.
  • Customer Outreach Alerts for a closed loop process tailored for your operational excellence.
  • A best practice 6-stage workflow process

What if we need CX consulting that goes beyond Fast Track?

MaritzCX offers a complete range of custom CX strategy and design consulting services that can work with Fast Track to help you design or refine a successful CX program, align your resources, and achieve operational excellence.

Why do companies choose Fast Track?

The benefits of adopting the Fast Track, which include all of the elements of a best-in-class solution, are material:

  • Greater time and money savings at the start to help launch your program faster,
  • Better synergy between data gathered and insights delivered around your company, and
  • Seamless integration of meaningful KPIs that are embraced by your company for improving business outcomes

It goes without saying that a great solution will do more than any tool…It has the potential to alter the DNA of your company when you engage every employee in your program from executive leadership to customer-facing representatives

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