Data Management

A Tool that Automates Complex Data Prepping and Processing

Enterprise organizations have so much data available for use. With this abundance of data, manual data processing is nearly impossible and a major time constraint. So how do you balance the amount of time it takes to process data with the desire to use the data to get the most comprehensive picture of your experience results?

You need a solution that automates complex data prepping and processing for proper platform consumption, which is critical for accurate reporting and CX action.

MaritzCX offers CXWorkflow™, the only automated data workflow engine that prepares data from its point of origin, validates and structures it, and sends it in real-time to its proper location via data transfer protocols.

The Benefits of CXWorkflow

Easily manage and use feedback data points from multiple sources

Eliminates the need to manually cleanse and structure data

The ability to mine all types of data using one agnostic automated tool and process

CXWorkflow helps your organization

  • Configure business rules and calculations
  • Automate data imports and exports
  • Transform data from its raw source to consumption
  • Establish data processes through drag and drop features
  • Eliminate the need for internal IT resources
  • Simplify and accelerate implementation processes

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between CXWorkflow and data import/data export functionality?

    CXWorkflow is the mechanism that sits between the data origin (e.g. CRM system or CSV document) and the data destination, i.e. the MaritzCX platform or any integrated software system. CXWorkflow ensures that the data being imported and exported is consumable for any system through its step-wise interface that validates, structures, cleanses, and enriches the data. Once the data is mapped and formatted for proper platform consumption, the data import function or export function will take place. After an organization creates its various workflows (an unlimited number of workflows can exist), the platform will automate the data processing for each inbound and outbound data source.

  • Do I need to pre-cleanse data for CXWorkflow to work?

    No. CXWorkflow takes the work out of cleansing and structuring data for you.  Send us the raw data file, and the MaritzCX Platform will automatically apply rules to clean the data for your use.

  • How was CXWorkflow designed?

    CXWorkflow was built upon research and customer advisory. MaritzCX analyzed its current customers, encompassing a variety of enterprise experience programs with different data needs, and identified the business need for a data processing mechanism that empowers CX practitioners to validate, structure, and enrich their data for platform consumption without the need of an internal IT team.

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