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Data Collection

Put big data to work for your organization

High-quality customer data is the engine that powers your CX program. But properly collecting, validating, and integrating customer data into that program can be a complex and challenging prospect—even for large organizations. MaritzCX solves this data dilemma with advanced data collection, integration, and validation services that work across every touch point at any scale to provide the solid foundation you need to turn data into results.

A Data Collection Network You Can Trust

MaritzCX has built one of the largest and most advanced data collection networks in the world—with six North American phone centers and 700 interviewing stations that complete more than 3,500 data collection projects every year. This gives you the breadth, depth, and capacity you need to meet your most demanding data collection requirements at any scale anywhere in the world.

Embrace a Multi-Mode Approach to Data Collection

With MaritzCX Data Collection, you can connect with your customers and gather information using the technologies and methods that make the most sense for your business and your customers. This includes any combination of telephone, online, email, traditional mail, and mobile device surveys.

Integrate Data from Any Source

You already collect structured and unstructured data from dozens of sources—from market research and operational information to financial data and social media. MaritzCX makes sure you can integrate, normalize, and use all of it as part of a cohesive CX program, so you can always close the loop on your complete CX lifecycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of the MaritzCX Data Collection network?

The ISO-certified MaritzCX network is one of the largest and most robust data collection engines in the world. MaritzCX conducts more than 6.3 million interviews and more than 4.1 million email surveys every year, which means we can handle data collection projects of all types and sizes using whatever combination of methods and survey vehicles you choose.

How does the MaritzCX Data Collection network gather customer information?

MaritzCX embraces a mixed- and multi-mode approach to data collection, which means we move seamlessly between different methodologies and survey technologies depending on the needs of your business. This includes any combination of telephone, online, mobile, and traditional mail surveys. In addition, the MaritzCX network can integrate and incorporate data from other sources, including your own operational data, financial information, social media feedback, and more.

What types and sizes of organizations can benefit from MaritzCX Data Collection services?

MaritzCX Data Collection is built to handle all kinds of data collection projects—from a few thousand email surveys in a specific region to massive, mixed-mode global research projects involving millions of customer interactions.

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