Customer Case Management

Follow through and close the loop with your customers

Customer Case Management turns insights into actions—by providing a complete, closed-loop system for automating customer workflows, making sure you follow up with high-risk customers with customer issue tracking, and feeding case information back into your CX solution to drive meaningful change.

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Streamline Crucial Customer Relationship Management Interactions

MaritzCX Case Management streamlines and automates the process you use to interact with and respond to customer feedback—and then makes sure that feedback is always used to improve future customer experiences.

Automatically Trigger Actions and Escalations

When you use MaritzCX Case Management to monitor customer feedback, you can automatically trigger actions or escalate problems based on rules and models you create to identify at-risk or high-potential customers.

Create Customer Workflows that Deliver Great Experiences

MaritzCX Case Management uses a proven, consistent workflow for customer issue tracking to make a positive impact on every customer experience:

Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Insights from the conversation are aggregated with other information, carefully analyzed, and fed back into your CX system to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

Document the Response

The case owner contacts the customer and records the response-including the root cause of the issue.

Case Owner Identified

An appropriate case owner is identified and notified via email with instructions for resolving the issue.

Receive Customer Feedback

You receive customer feedback through a survey, text analytics, social media, or some other channel.

Automatic Triggers

The customer’s response automatically triggers the creation of a new case-based on pre-determined rules and thresholds.

Built to Work the Same Way You Do

Case Management is highly flexible, configurable, and ready to adapt to your CX processes and workflows. This includes a convenient mobile app that makes it easy for everyone in your organization to monitor, work on, and close CX issues and cases on the go.

Make Customer Relationship Management an Integral Part of Your CX Program

Customer case management is fully integrated into the MaritzCX platform, which means it works with Survey Builder, Dashboards and Reports, Text Analytics, and other capabilities to make sure you can close the loop with your customers and turn CX intelligence into improved customer experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do caseworkers interact with customer case management to resolve issues?

    Case Management makes it easy for caseworkers to resolve and document problems using technology they’re already familiar with. When cases are assigned, users are notified via email or text message. They can process and close cases from their own web browser or mobile device. Caseworkers can even access and process their customer issue tracking cases through SalesForce and other customer management systems.

  • What does it mean to “close the loop” with customers?

    Every well-designed CX solution can identify customers that require follow-up and automatically notify the appropriate caseworkers to contact them and address their concerns. But “closing the loop” also means capturing and aggregating insights from these cases, actively using the information to spot trends and identify root causes, and then feeding that information back into your larger CX solution to make meaningful changes.

  • How will customer case management help our employees resolve issues more quickly and efficiently?

    It promotes fast, efficient resolutions to customer issues. When new cases are opened, the assigned caseworker receives a customized email notification that typically includes specific instructions for resolving the issue, customer contact details, and the verbatim response that triggered the case. Then, Case Management provides caseworkers with bold, visual reminders—including time-to-respond and time-to-closure goals, elapsed time, past due notices, and more. You can even configure the system to send automatic reminders and escalations to supervisors based on specific timeframes and goals you define.

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