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We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

Case Management

Case management is the process of coordinating a case, or an individual customer-company interaction, to achieve a successful outcome

What is Case Management?

Case management is the process of coordinating a case, or an individual customer-company interaction, to achieve a successful outcome. This could include anything from walking a healthcare patient through the recovery process at a hospital to reaching out to a disgruntled customer by offering a free or discounted service.

Case management falls under the umbrella of customer experience management (CXM), but differs in that it focuses on individual interactions rather than on the overall customer experience. Service recovery, the effort that companies put forth to satisfy customers by compensating for poor experiences they’ve had with the company, is a facet of case management, but does not cover the entire process of case management, from the beginning to the end of a customer’s interation with the company.

Why Use Case Management?

In today’s business world, customer experience management (CXM) is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of a company’s image. With the ever increasing popularity of social media, these images have the potential to change quicker than ever. Maintaining customers that favor a company and are promoting it while recovering those which are detracting from it has never been more important. Effectively managing this needs to be done on an individual level through case management.

Organizations are judged by current and potential customers on the accuracy, speed, consistency, efficiency, and fairness of customer interaction. Trying to mass-manage the process with spreadsheets or software programs that are not built specifically for use in CX programs often means that time-sensitive opportunities to engage with customers are missed. Case workers (frontline employees) aren’t consistently reminded when customers require follow-up, and critical feedback for driving organization-wide improvements can be lost. An effective case management solution is an essential part of the customer experience toolbox. When used effectively, case management can result in improved process manageability, more organized information, and decreased decision-making time.

Case management results in improved quality of care for the customer and consumers gain emotional support, feeling like they have an advocate in the organization. Everyone benefits when the customer is happy.

Managing customers on a case-by-case basis is not an easy task. At first, trudging through each customer’s experience seems sluggish. Naturally, companies want to automate the process to maintain speed. However, personalized, chronicled case management has its own advantages: when employees are empowered to create and implement individual solutions for customers, they generate a holistic view of the customer journey that will aid company leaders in decision making. Ideally, the process will be streamlined and standardized enough that companies can provide personal solutions while maintaining speed.

MaritzCX Case Management: Turn insight into action

At MaritzCX, we believe that case management extends beyond just knowing if your customers had a positive or negative experience. We believe you should be able to accurately track issues, push time sensitive issues to the frontline workers and ultimately drive productive change within your organization. Using our complete, closed loop system, you can automate workflows, track customer issues, trigger action or escalate problems based off of rules or models. And our mobile app allows you to manage cases on-the-go. Your system will be streamlined to aid in interacting and responding to customer feedback. Best of all, the case info will be fed back into your CX solution to enact meaningful change. The MaritzCX case management solution is proven, consistent, highly flexible, configurable, and ready to adapt to any CX process or workflow.

Benefits of MaritzCX for Case Management

  • Increase the internal value of your CX program with a tightly integrated closed-loop system that automates workflows.
  • Promote a more customer-focused culture by using customer feedback to identify areas for organizational improvement.
  • Identify at-risk or high-potential customers by monitoring survey responses and triggering action or escalations based on unique rules.
  • Consistently deliver outstanding, scalable customer experiences with highly configurable workflows, data capture, notifications, and reminders.

Increase CX adoption by giving caseworkers system access via platforms they already use such as mobile, Salesforce, and web.

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