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Tax Refund Study

US Consumers Plan to Be Responsible with 2018 Tax Refunds

A recent MaritzCX study of a representative sample of U.S. citizens* found that most plan to be fiscally responsible with their 2018 tax refunds. Saving topped the list of tax refund uses with 32% of the population surveyed planning to put some money in the bank.

Other responsible uses of tax refunds included paying bills (31%), and paying off loans (6%). The wealthier (earning $150K+ annually) were more likely to save their refund (49%) while only 30% of those earning between $25K-$100K annually said they would save their refund.

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For more details on American’s planned use of tax refunds, tax preparation process, and opinions on new tax laws, please click on the press release or presentation deck below:


Press Release

* MaritzCX commissioned an online survey from March 9th through March 13, 2018 using the Research Now panel. A total of 600 surveys were collected with the population balanced to the U.S. Census by gender, age, income, ethnicity and geography.



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