CXFuel from MaritzCX Opens Customer Data to Other Enterprise Systems

– Offers Users Easy Access to Pre-Built Connectors with Adobe Analytics, Oracle Sales Cloud, Marketo, Salesforce and Tableau –

SALT LAKE CITY – September 28, 2016 – MaritzCX, a leader in global customer experience (CX) software and program management, today announced the availability of a new CXFuel™ framework to help enterprises further unlock the power of CX data. This framework provides a flexible architecture and a developer portal that enable users to access their CX data through APIs, as well as an Integrations Hub with pre-built connectors for popular enterprise systems.

CXFuel was created to help organizations break down the silos that separate CX data and other enterprise systems. With CXFuel, critical customer data—reflecting their perceptions, issues, and needs—can flow efficiently back and forth between the MaritzCX platform and other enterprise systems. This new offering is part of MaritzCX’s mission to offer the most open CX platform on the market. According to data pulled from MaritzCX’s CXEvolution benchmark study, companies that have integrated data from multiple sources and understand how certain metrics Influence others are twice as successful at driving a significant year over year financial performance improvement than companies who don’t integrate data.

“CX data is most powerful when it flows freely to and from all systems that drive decision making and front line results,” said Justin Thompson, vice president of strategy for MaritzCX. “By allowing business-critical systems to serve as a ‘home base’ for all team members, actionable insights will be generated more quickly, and CX professionals can demonstrate their value more effectively.”

This framework also provides access to MaritzCX’s open APIs that allow users to automate survey and case management processes and extract all survey responses from the platform to feed them into other applications. Additionally, MaritzCX customers have access to several pre-built connectors, including:

  • Adobe Analytics Connector: Combines the power of Adobe’s analytics with MaritzCX’s integrated Bonfire survey solution. This advanced survey solution helps users understand the emotions, motivations, and attitudes that drive how and what customers do when they visit a website.
  • Marketo Connector:Integrates survey and predictive analytics data directly into Marketo, giving organizations unprecedented opportunities to tailor their marketing communications and offers accordingly. With this information, they can personalize communications, improve lead generation, and proactively reduce customer churn.
  • Oracle Sales Cloud Connector: Gives sales teams access to survey feedback from their accounts collected through the MaritzCX platform, allowing them to close the loop in real-time. This also allows users to guide conversations based on whether a customer is in need of remediation or ripe for a new product or solution.
  • Salesforce Connector: Automatically updates Salesforce with the latest customer feedback data, allowing users to identify issues quickly, assess next steps, and use workflows to create, assign, and manage at-risk cases. The connector installs quickly and updates automatically, which translates into low administrative and maintenance costs.
  • Tableau Connector:Enables CX data to be exported to Tableau, giving organizations a holistic view of business, operational, and CX data from a single place. By overlaying CX data with traditional measures of business success, leaders can generate more informed insights and CX teams can raise the profile of the customer as a driver of enterprise decision-making.

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