Customer Experience Is Your Business – New eBook Available from MaritzCX

SALT LAKE CITY, May 13, 2015 – Customer experience (CX) management has come of age, and smart companies are recognizing its direct impact on the bottom line. Customer Experience Is Your Business, a new ebook published by MaritzCX, provides a collection of best practices and thought leadership from top CX practitioners, analysts and experts to help companies build a customer-first approach that scales across the enterprise.

The ebook is available for download in ePub and PDF formats at A Kindle edition is also available through Amazon.

In an increasingly competitive world where customers have more power, CX is emerging as a strategy to beat competitors and grow faster. Practitioners and leaders who understand how to launch and manage a modern CX program will reap the benefits of increased customer acquisition and retention.

Major topics and authors of Customer Experience Is Your Business include:

  • Reframing Customer Experience – Woody Driggs, Global Advisory Customer Leader, EY
  • Customer Experience on Center Stage – Carine Clark, President and CEO, MaritzCX
  • Turning Insights into Action – Dave Fish, Ph.D., MaritzCX
  • Delivering a Right First-Time Customer Experience – Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst, Ovum Research
  • CX Trends – Including chapters on Omni-channel feedback, effective dashboards, text analytics, benchmarking, data integration and more
  • Expert and Practitioner Q&As – Kerry Bodine, CX Consultant; Bruce Parkinson, Cummins; Rich King, Transamerica; Esteban Kolsky, thinkJar; and others

“The overall definition of customer experience is simple – it is how customers perceive their interactions and relationship with a company. How those customers feel translates into loyalty and spending,” said Carine Clark, president and CEO of MaritzCX. “The chapters in this book are grounded in this fundamental definition and examine different strategies and solutions for improving CX and its impact on retention, revenue, and growth.”

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