Why Governance Is So Important to the Success of Your CX Program

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Make a Case to Develop a CX Governance Plan

Across the customer journey, customers are solicited for their input and feedback to guide tactical and strategic decisions. Organizations need a way to better govern customer communications through best practices, processes and technologies.

Stacy Bolger Mary Barnidge
Stacy Bolger
Senior Strategic Consulting Director
Mary Barnidge
Client Success Director

In this webinar Stacy Bolger & Mary Barnidge will share their experiences working with companies of all sizes that have developed detailed, and state-of-the-art governance strategies and plans. This duo has helped many companies ensure organizational consistency, provide progress benchmarks, mitigate risks, sustain CX programs, and improve business results. They will share their governance best practices and expertise about:

  • Why and how you can create a governance strategic plan/framework
  • How you implement a governance plan in stages
  • What steps you can take to set up basic goals, accountabilities, routine/cadences, rules, and standards
  • How you can avoid common governance pitfalls
  • What the importance is of performing an internal customer listening inventory

Learn how millions of interactions, across multiple regions/languages, diverse lines of business, and different stages of the buying journey should and can be governed for your organization. Governance isn’t simple, and we understand that, but by helping you think about, and do governance right, it can allow you to design and implement a governance plan that is agile, flexible, autonomous, and with as minimal complexity as possible.

Join MaritzCX experts to hear step-by-step how companies are creating CX Governance strategies.


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