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This book is a collection of CX best practices designed to unlock the value of any CX program, at any stage of maturity, and in any industry.

Effective business decisions start with a series of questions that, if well answered, will serve to illuminate options, reduce risk, and drive maximum value. Most of the time the business deadlines arrive and the decisions are made based on whatever information is available. Business managers console themselves that they must make the best decision possible given incomplete insights

The tools exist today to answer most consumer, competitor, and market-focused questions effectively. Traditional market research techniques have evolved with the internet age and have become more powerful than ever. Technology that began a decade ago to gather customer experience ratings can now be used to model the impact of proposed promotional campaigns, evaluate potential price increases, or refine prototype product designs.

This book will touch on proven best practices and emerging solutions in the customer experience space. More than 26 experts share best practices to help you drive higher business impact through better strategy and program design, broader data collection, and faster insights and action.

Chapters include:

  • The Multi-Dimensional Modern Customer
  • Bring Personalization to CX
  • Delighting Without Asking
  • Are You Really Hearing What Today’s Customers Are Saying?
  • Is Omni-Channel the Unicorn of Modern CX?
  • An Emotional View of a Customer’s Experiences
  • Reliant Q&A: Fanatic About Making Customer Experience Part of Its DNA
  • Four Steps to Differentiate Yourselves From the Pack
  • Eastern Bank and Bangor Savings Bank Q&A: Banks’ Partnership Inspires Greater CX Success
  • CH. Robinson Q&A: A CX Program Designed to Surface Customer Trends and Needs
  • NextGen’s Healthcare’s VoC Program Improve Client Retention and Strengthens Client Loyalty
  • 7 Steps and Tools to Avoid Brand Erosion During Organizational Transformation
  • 5 Methodologies to Kick-Start Your CX Program
  • The New Evolution of CX: Measuring and Assessing CX Maturity in the Modern World
  • Building a CX Program for CX Success
  • Engagement and Loyalty—Why Employees are Your Best Customer Advocates
  • Dashboard and Reporting Techniques to Visually Communicate Complex Data
  • Getting Real Business Value from Customer Journey Mapping
  • Taking Action on Customer Feedback
  • Software Solutions for Touchpoint Management

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This book is a collection of CX best practices designed to unlock the value of any CX program, at any stage of maturity, and in any industry.

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