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Five Steps to Uncovering the Real Customer Experience Journey

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Explore one of the best ways to truly understand your customers.

Today, the customer journey is much more complex and varies widely across different organizations and customer segments. It is no longer the product that is the focal point; it is the experience the company delivers. This article is a guide to help you develop a customer journey map for your customers’ experience that will allow you to view your organization and its process through their eyes.

The article outlines a real-world example of how a financial institution used journey mapping to identify the root cause of attrition and strategies for increasing customer retention when investment representatives retired.

What is Journey Mapping?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the journey a customer has with your brand, products, services, and people. It is important to note that journey mapping is not an appropriate replacement for quantitative efforts, but rather a good starting point or supplement to quantitative efforts. It includes multiple touchpoints from the customer’s point of view, such as:

  • Key moments and evaluation points in the process
  • Positive and negative components of the experience
  • Attitudes and emotions that may come into play

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