Five CX Trends Shaping the B2B Landscape

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Listen to Michael Allenson discuss five trends affecting B2B customer experience. More than just good ideas, these trends will help you achieve success in your CX efforts.

  • CX Consumerization – Consumerization of IT has been driving major change in the workplace, but its effect goes beyond expectations of tools available to workers. Consumer trends that are bleeding over to the B2B CX fast include:
    • Instant gratification
    • Mobile ubiquity
    • Silos within organizations becoming lessacceptable to customers.
  • What Relationship? – Traditionally B2B organizations have succeeded by building great client relationships with key decision-makers and major influencers. Relationships remain important, but they are no longer a trump card. To serve companies that are more nimble, more flexible and less loyal a CX program needs to go beyond traditional stakeholders to other audiences, such as procurement, everyday users, and senior managers.
  • Clear Blurred Line – in B2B the lines are blurring between marketing, sales and CX. In B2B the 20/80 rule still applies but maybe it is 5/60 and 15/30. So often these companies are sales driven/dominated. By nature, whenever there are CX measurements or VOC instances, the account teams pay close attention. Increasingly, managing the customer experience and future relationship development are becoming intertwined.
  • I Knew You Wanted That – Amazon has changed the world. Whether we’re talking about consumer or business customers, the desire for companies to anticipate customer needs is universal and growing. Business is becoming ever more competitive and it is not just that information is power, but getting that information first is ever more powerful. Being pre-active in B2B with with predictive analytics is key.
  • Corporate Narcissism – No one wants to be told that they’re less important than the next guy and that holds true for companies as well. Today, companies are organized to have varying levels of account “coverage” for top and second tier accounts.


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