Customer Experience Management, The Beginners Guide

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If you have a desire to improve your customer experience but are not sure where to start, our ‘101-level’ guide to understanding why customer experience strategies matter, how to get started – including pitfalls to avoid – and what results to expect from your efforts will help kick-start your CX efforts. This guide is the starting block for line of business managers in operations, marketing, support, and customer service, and any business person interested in understanding more about improving the customer experience.

A top customer experience management solution will help you achieve great results, like:

  • Increasing customer retention by 5-10%
  • Increasing Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 10 points
  • Increasing customer referrals by 8x
  • Reducing negative word of mouth by 60%

Customer experience management (CEM) is a key activity for forward-thinking business leaders. But how do you do it correctly, across all the areas of your business, and with useful data reaching the right employees at the right time? If it’s done well, the customer experience improves. If not, it can have a negative impact.

In the past, only large companies had formal programs – they had the staff, the budget, and the expertise to create enterprise-wide programs. Today everything has changed. Changes in technology and the competitive context are fostering the growth of CEM programs for businesses of any size. Programs today offer industry best practices designed with the flexibility and expertise you need to be successful. You will be empowered to close the loop directly with customers, coach employees based on their performance, and act on systemic issues to significantly increase retention and growth.

By deploying the right CEM program your time-to-value is drastically decreased, delivering results faster than traditional approaches. You will be up and running quickly and discovering insight in no time.

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