Cracking the Social Nut with your CX Program

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For CX professionals today, the sheer size and dynamic nature of the social media landscape can be downright frightening to navigate. Like some kind of digital mythical beast, social media is growing exponentially, possesses far-reaching powers, and constantly changes form.

But its influence on customer experience is undeniable. In fact, social media commentary is often the very first experience customers will have with an organization they’re considering doing business with. That’s why it’s critical to make social media a meaningful, fully integrated part of your comprehensive CX program.

Join Michelle Roseman Turner, Senior Director of Product Management at MaritzCX, and CXPA for an informative webinar in which we’ll share concrete strategies for cracking the “social CX nut.” Michelle will cover the following topics:

  • Influencing online reputation by encouraging everyday customers to generate reviews, leading to a more favorable social presence and increased customer conversion
  • Monitoring social media alongside other sources of CX information to generate more actionable insights
  • Responding to online customer reviews, particularly at the often-overlooked channel level, to increase customer retention through improved problem resolution

If you’re ready to make social media a boon rather than a bane to your CX program, join us for this engaging, timely discussion. You’ll walk away with steps you can take today to transform the flood of notoriously chaotic social media into a useful and fully integrated source of CX insights and information.


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