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Connecting the Dots: Where Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Converge

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When it comes to CX, keeping customers happy and keeping your employees engaged are two sides of the same coin. Companies that don’t have employee engagement at the top of the priority list will have a hard time pushing the CX agenda forward.

Customer Experience: Much More Than a Benchmark

CXEvolution (CXE) from MaritzCX

The CXEvolution framework is an evidence-based, benchmarked model of organizational CX maturity. MaritzCX’s free online assessment gives you a taste of where your organization’s CX maturity may stand in comparison to CX Leaders, and our diagnostic assessment provides you with a robust, detailed evaluation of your performance on the factors that make an organization best-in-class, with a thorough, prescriptive roadmap to help you tackle what’s most important in prioritized phases, in terms of the bottom line (ROI), CX maturity, and your own organization’s strategic goals. The diagnostic assessment also helps you learn how you perform relative to your industry and our global dataset of 5,000+ responses, and it provides you with a baseline to track your progress over time.

Employee Engagement: The Critical Link

Engagement Potential Index (EPI) from CultureNext

The Engagement Potential Index is a free online assessment that allows you to understand how your culture is wired to boost engagement. By analyzing your responses on engagement enablers and culture factors against other organizations, this innovative assessment provides a comprehensive overview on your current culture and your company’s engagement potential.

Get instant insights:

After completing the online assessment, you’ll immediately receive:

  • A customized, downloable 11-page report with your organization’s Engagement Potential Index
  • Details on where you stack up again industry benchmarks for engagement enablers and culture quality
  • A tailored set of recommendations on how you can improve your score over time

Two of the Best Join Forces

More than ever, Customer Experience and Employee Engagement is a strategic priority for companies. MaritzCX and CultureNext converge to bring you the CXEvolution framework and assessment and the Engagement Potential Index to help you focus on setting clear objectives for your Customer and Employee programs, gaining executive buy-in and commitment, and aligning the organization behind your efforts.

About Our Speakers

Kimberly Abel-Lanier is the Vice President and General Manager, CultureNext for Maritz Motivation Solutions. She leads the strategy and development of CultureNext, the company’s employee engagement solution. Kimberly has 20 plus years of experience in employee engagement strategies and has worked with F500 global brands to create a culture of engagement and purpose. She was recently named to The Engagement 101 list which recognizes top influencers in the engagement industry. Kimberly believes in making the world a better place to work.

Lisa London, PhD is Director of CX Strategy and Design Consulting at MaritzCX where she leads CXEvolution, an organizational framework for evaluating CX programs’ effectiveness, and thought leadership strategy. Lisa has fifteen years of experience gathering consumer insights and delivering tailored research solutions to clients. Trained as a political scientist, Lisa is a firm believer that we’re more innovative when we learn from other fields. Lisa earned a double B.A. in Political Science and International Studies from Saint Louis University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science (voting behavior) from the University of Pittsburgh.

*Source: Markets and Markets “Customer Experience Management” report, 2015


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