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Catered Spotlight®

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Some of our customers find themselves in a place where they have a lot of data but few paths forward. They don’t know where they can take action or what recommendations to make to management and marketing teams on where to begin the performance improvement process. This is where we may suggest that they consider engaging us in a Catered Spotlight®.

Catered Spotlight® is a custom execution of a number of diagnostic and predictive analytic techniques designed to help our customers identify and prioritize performance improvement efforts. Specifically, we begin with understanding the research framework required for optimal performance improvement, then explore many potential variables and their structures, and then conduct a guided Spotlight® implementation.

At the end of the Catered Spotlight® process customers will have identified the key performance framework, uncovered key variables in the data which help differentiate customers on the performance differences of interest and finally modeled the critical performance differentials across these key breaks. In short, a Catered Spotlight® implementation helps companies move much faster and smarter in focusing their performance improvement efforts based on CX findings.


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