Building Incentive-Based CX Programs

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Things you need to consider when adding a rewards component to your CX program

Organizations are increasingly considering the addition of a significant reward component to their customer experience (CX) programs in an effort to enhance the effectiveness of their VoC initiatives. The decision to introduce incentives into your CX initiatives should not be taken lightly. Once a reward component is added, it is usually very difficult to reverse and administering a rewards-based CX program is complicated. However, it is often worth the effort because a well-designed and well-executed reward program can have a meaningful impact on the loyalty and behavior of your stakeholders.

What is right for your organization?

Join MaritzCX’s Dave Ensing, Ph.D., and Laurel Newman, Ph.D., of the Maritz Behavioral Science Institute, for this webinar as the two experts share how to properly add an impactful rewards component to your CX program. Ensing and Newman convey the art and science of structuring an incentive-based program to ensure it is effective in delivering the intended results for your organization.

Attend and learn:

  • How to define the purpose of your reward program
  • Tips for establishing the reward criteria and what rewards are most effective
  • Strategies for setting program goals
  • The importance of program administration and rules

There’s a lot to think about when considering combining reward or compensation components with your CX program. Ensing and Newman will help you determine if incenting your VoC initiative is right for your organization and, if so, guide you through the proper steps to design an effective program. They will also answer live audience questions during this webinar.


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