Action Planning: Turning Individual Feedback into Organizational Change

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About this time of year, every gardener is waging an all-out battle against Mother Nature and the brambles and burrs she places where we want other things to grow. It’s an arduous task, and even more time-consuming if you’re tackling it piecemeal. Sure, you can pull every weed. But at some point, don’t you want to prevent them from growing in the first place? In a similar way, Action Planning lets you identify systemic trends in your CX data—whether it’s survey feedback, cases opened, or any other measure—and nip them in the bud, so to speak.

Join us to engage with master CX gardener Bryan Rhodes, Director of Product Management, and Matt Inman, Senior Director of CX Strategy and Design, as they share product details and tips from MaritzCX Action Planning practice leads. Learn the ins and outs of effective systemic change and improve your corporate “garden” including:

  • What makes an effective action planning initiative
  • Choosing and prioritizing metrics
  • Creating accountability and follow up
  • Assessing results 

With MaritzCX, you won’t be madly browsing the gardening aisle, trying to determine which products will prevent your most intractable weeds and get your green flowing. You’ll have the benefit of a master gardener, so to speak, in the form of a customer experience expert—as well as access to decades of experience analyzing CX trends and making institutional and cultural changes to address them. It all adds up to a bounteous harvest of streamlined processes, organizational efficiency, and the happy customers that result.


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