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Join Michael Allenson and Jen Rubin as they share benchmarking information on Emotions in Customer Experience across 12 industries, as well as some tools for enhancing your ability to capture customer emotions within your CX programs.  The information and tools shared in this webinar will help you to learn how to better integrate emotion into your CX program so that you can:

There is little doubt that emotion plays an important role in CX and to the extent we can capture customer feelings and emotion, our understanding of and ability to serve the customer will be enhanced.

Today, most CX programs capture emotion through text analytic sentiment coding that is performed on unstructured content provided in surveys or from social media.  MaritzCX has developed a number of ways that the measurement and understanding of emotions can be enhanced.

As part of our CXBenchmarks program, we have been measuring through quantitative questions, the presence of a variety of emotions, both positive and negative, across 12 industries and over thirty different types of transactions.  In this webinar, we’ll share the results of this research as well as its implications for CX programs.

In addition,we’ll discuss MaritzCX SmartProbe™ which is a patented approach to enhancing the unstructured comments provided through CX surveys, which results in greater context and understanding, as well as more accurate CX insight that can be leveraged.