Employee Experience Management

Connecting the Employee Experience to the Customer Experience

Employee Loyalty and Engagement Drive Customer Loyalty

A Voice of the Employee (VoE) programme should enable you to develop employee engagement and satisfaction, and drive customer loyalty by tapping into the wealth of information and insights your employees have about every customer experience. Today, more than ever a VoE programme must connect your employee and customer insights—helping you act on the most pressing employee, customer, and business needs.

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A Voice of the Employee solution will help you:

  • Develop employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Drive customer loyalty through engaged employees
  • Connect your employee and customer insights

Connect Employee Experience with Business Outcomes

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Employee Experience

Listening to the Employee Voice

“Those who have both (engaged employees and customers) command a 23% premium in share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth.”

Manage Your Human Sigma (GALLUP), Harvard Business Review

Develop Employee Engagement & Satisfaction

Measure the degree of employee engagement and commitment, the performance climate, including leadership, work environment, peer-to-peer, and understand employees’ sentiments regarding their jobs using onboarding, relationship, and 360 degree templates and surveys.

Drive Customer Loyalty Through Engaged Employees

Employees often can tell a tremendous amount about what customers like and/or dislike; and about what company processes and practices might be facilitating or inhibiting customer experience. Because employees have so much customer knowledge it is imperative that a comprehensive employee measurement (VoE) programme not only learn from employees about traditional employee engagement and satisfaction, but also garners customer insight to solve customer experience issues, and identify processes that drive customer loyalty and add value to the business.

Connect Your Employee and Customer Insights

As a leader in big-data, we integrate employee insights with customer insights within a single platform. Make the connection from your Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Customer programs which will offer you customer-focused measures that most VoE programs don’t. Our expertise allows us to identify through linkage analysis the priorities that lead to the most important employee, customer, and business outcomes.

Gather Insights from your Workforce on Event-Driven Employee Experiences

Collecting insights from employees is the easiest way to engage your workforce.  The EX Monitoring Surveys powered by MaritzCX offer the right employees the right survey items at the right time and accelerate organisational understanding of the employee experience across the continuum of employment.  These event-driven surveys empower HR leaders to pinpoint employee experience improvements and help CX professionals understand the impact of engaged employees on CX programme outcomes.

Learn more about how MaritzCX services and the MaritzCX platform can energize the collection of employee-driven insights and accelerate your CX programme. MaritzCX provides a comprehensive suite of services and software designed to support the goals and requirements of measurement and improvement efforts throughout your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the EX Monitoring Suite benefit my HR-driven employee engagement efforts?

    With the EX Monitoring Suite, HR professional can easily administer focused surveys to employees using pre-built survey templates.  Surveys are intelligently designed to capture employee engagement drivers, event-based employee experiences, and employee improvement ideas while also identifying organizational engagement potential.  The EX Monitoring Suite offers industry benchmarks for engagement and can even channel highly engaged employees to contribute to external networks such as Glassdoor.

  • Exactly what does the EX Monitoring Suite include?

    The complete EX Monitoring Suite includes prebuilt surveys for annual Employee Engagement measurement as well as the Engagement Potential Index, an organizational assessment of engagement potential.  The suite also includes 8 pulse-type surveys covering event-driven employee experiences including; Selection Process, Onboarding, Acclimation Check, Development Support, Total Rewards, Communication, Internal Selection and Exit surveys.

  • If we already use another company's employee engagement tool, how will this work?

    The EX Monitoring Suite is flexible, allowing organizations to control the timing and frequency of survey administration to best suit the needs of every unique organization and their employees. Organizations may continue the use of another annual survey while still benefiting from event-driven measurement to supplement and accelerate improvement on annual employee engagement goals.  EX Monitoring Reporting also allows importing of any other data source to accommodate side-by-side comparisons and collective analysis in one reporting system.

Make Voice of the Employee Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

MaritzCX can help you connect the employee experience to the customer experience to ensure that the Voice of the Employee is part of your comprehensive CX programme.



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