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Survey Builder

Build direct, intimate connections with your customers

Survey Builder brings you closer to your customers — by removing the barriers of time, distance, and process that often prevent intimate customer connections and insights from taking place. With Survey Builder, you can listen to the voice of your customers, gather crucial feedback quickly, and then respond to customers as unique individuals.

Reach Your Customers on any Device

Survey Builder leverages mobile responsive designs, so every survey you create adapts automatically to your customers’ smartphones, tablets, and other devices. That means they can respond to surveys and interact with your business using whatever screen happens to be most accessible and convenient at the time.

Design Surveys that Get Results

Surveys give you the power to reach out to your customers and collect exactly the information you need to improve their experiences. Survey Builder makes survey design an integral part of your data gathering platform, with flexible survey software that features more than 30 question types and works across multiple channels. MaritzCX even offers advanced localisation services, so you can reach out to your customers and conduct surveys in their preferred language.

Strengthen Your Brand

With Survey Builder, you can create and deploy surveys with consistent messaging, tone, and visual design across all of your different channels. This increases your exposure, strengthens your brand image, and leads directly to higher response rates.

Make Every Survey Relevant and Personal

With a simple drag-and-drop interface and intuitive logic flow visualisations, Survey Builder makes sure everyone in your organisation can design, test, and implement effective question flows and sophisticated decision trees quickly and easily, so you can always collect the precise information you need to make smart, customer-focused decisions. Furthermore, Survey Builder allows you to create and deploy surveys that match your brand’s look and feel across channels and devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many different types of surveys can we build and deploy using Survey Builder?

Survey Builder supports a complete range of different survey types, including flexible ad-hoc surveys, transaction surveys, relationship surveys, mobile SMS surveys, and more. It also features a complete list of industry-leading survey capabilities, including branching design, version control, scoring, and campaign management. And of course, you can choose to deploy surveys to nearly any channel or device.

How does Survey Builder compile and display survey results?

With its advanced reporting capabilities, Survey Builder instantly turns raw data into rich, meaningful visualisations—customised to meet the needs of different people in your organisation. Survey Builder also works with the MaritzCX Platform to centralise all your survey results and combine them with other sources of information, so you always get a complete, unified view of your customers that includes results from multiple surveys and channels.

How long does it take to design and build new surveys using Survey Builder?

Survey Builder uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and pre-defined workflow visualisations to make the process of survey building fast and easy. You also have the option of leveraging our professionally designed survey templates—or creating your own from scratch

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