Harness the Social Beast

Turn social media into a reliable and manageable source of CX insight

It doesn’t take a brainiac to recognise that social data is a force to be reckoned with. But most companies are missing the mark, despite aggressive efforts to channel critical insights from online sources. SocialCX™ is the only solution that turns the flood of notoriously chaotic social media into a useful, well-behaved, and fully integrated source of CX insight. We go beyond mere social listening, enabling customers to post directly to review sites relevant to your local business. This makes online reputation management easy for the local organisations where customer experience is created—and turns the unruly world of social media into a cooperative piece of your CX machine.

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SocialCX will help you:

  • Monitor the most relevant social media and review sites for your business
  • Turn traditional CX surveys into positive online reviews, improving online reputation at the local level
  • Open the door to more complete data sets from a broader customer base, including those who don’t respond to surveys
  • Engage effectively and consistently with customers on social media
  • Leverage powerful text analytics and dashboards

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By making it easy for customers to post positive reviews on specific third-party sites after they complete surveys, SocialCX strengthens your company’s social media presence and improves your online reputation.

Customer Experience Gets Social

Hone your social ear

Every day, thousands of your customers rate, review, and discuss their experiences on countless social media and review sites. Mining this information usually means sifting through the plumes of digital exhaust that clog the social engine. But it doesn’t have to be this way. SocialCX helps professionals tame this prolific yet unruly source of feedback. It brings to light a wealth of valuable CX information and insight that will directly impact their local customers–and that they can transform into profitable action.

Empower local managers

CX professionals know that veritable CX gold mines lie buried beneath the brimming noise of the web. But a local manager isn’t interested in sifting through reams of digital exhaust or even brand-level feedback–she wants hard social commentary directly relevant to her local branch. SocialCX empowers local managers to isolate genuine verbatim gems that reflect her local clientele. This allows her to make real-time adjustments to her business that directly impact revenue.

Boost your online reputation

All too often, online reviews are dominated by a small, non-representative sample of extreme voices whose experiences were either good enough or bad enough to provoke a spontaneous online review. SocialCX can help you shift the balance of online reviews to a larger, more favorable, and more representative sample through a process that makes posting an online review feel like a natural extension of the survey experience.

Put social to work

It’s difficult (or sometimes impossible) for local managers and employees to manually sift through thousands of comments on dozens of social media sites looking for issues that need attention. SocialCX simplifies this process by searching for reviews and comments that require action, categorising them, and presenting them to local managers in one convenient location. Then, you can turn those reviews and comments into active CX cases, assign them to the right people, and track their progress–transforming an insurmountable hurdle into an indispensable business asset.

Make SocialCX Part of your Comprehensive CX Programme

SocialCX harnesses the social beast by leveraging a powerful engine that does your social media mining for you. Bid farewell to the days when social was a murky mass of moderately useful insight, and welcome to your business a means of managing and monitoring feedback from your local customers. Engage with customers who need immediate attention, boost your online reputation, and watch your retention grow. Who knew one tool could be so impactful?

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