B2B Tech: Connect with Your End Customer

Build a CX programme that strengthens B2B relationships, boosts customer satisfaction, and improves your products.

For technology companies, the right kind of comprehensive CX programme offers a long list of unexpected benefits. Find out how MaritzCX solutions can help you build more productive relationships with your B2B partners, listen and respond to customers more effectively, and quickly leverage feedback from thousands of traditional and online touch points to improve your products and services.

Empower Every Member of your Team


Account Manager

VP Sales

VP of Sales

“In a world where products and process can be quickly replicated, our intense focus on the customer experience is what continues to give us a strategic competitive advantage.”

“I understand how well our solution is serving customers from their perspective and work within our organisation to get them the help they need.”

“I know which of our accounts are at risk and what we can do to retain their business.”

“I know which accounts need additional attention and what we can do about it.”

Complete CX Solutions with a Technology Twist

CX Strategy Design

Design a best practice customer experience programme that aligns perfectly with your organisation’s strategy and goals.

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Software Platform

Empower every member of your team with comprehensive, award-winning software solutions.

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Programme Management

Let our CX team help yours drive your programme (and company) towards your desired outcomes.

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