Frontline Reporting and Action Planning

Empower Your Frontline with a Focused and Data-Driven Toolset

Your business is transforming. What about your CX program?

Your onsite employees can interpret and move on actionable data faster than ever with FieldCX’s streamlined, user-focused interface that scales the rich CX data gathered from your surveys, cases, and reports in a localised view. With FieldCX reports and action toolsets, you will drive greater action and align your corporate CX strategy by empowering your frontline to improve each customer’s experience.

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Align Each Business Function with Targeted and Localised CX Data

Your functional managers want their data in a fast and scalable format, and you want to align your corporate CX strategy with the day-to-day customer interaction. With FieldCX, you can have both. Increase your CX programme ROI by giving your frontline the data they need for customer recovery, systemic improvements, and employee coaching. Your onsite teams can drive your corporate CX strategy and ROI, all while fulfilling their daily business operations.

FieldCX Frontline Report

Immediate At-Risk Customer Recovery

With an interface that pulls all the related case management data into a localised dashboard, your frontline managers can address individual customer concerns and assign cases to employees in real-time. FieldCX monitors case worker progress and highlights areas needing action plans for future improvement. This customer recovery view also identifies coaching opportunities for employees needing assistance in their CX touch points with local customers.

Assign Cases to Onsite Employees and Quickly Recover Customers

Make CX the Highest Priority

FieldCX ensures unity at all levels within your organisation where it relates to CX best practices and initiatives. The FieldCX interface drives the right CX action on the frontline with defined report filters, guided analytics and charts, user-specific data preferences, and a backend permissions structure that ensures true governance integration at all levels.

Scale Your Corporate CX Reporting to the Frontline User

Bring Frontline Reporting and Action Planning into Your Comprehensive CX Strategy

FieldCX is a fully integrated piece of the larger MaritzCX platform, which means it works with a comprehensive suite of software and services to drive improvements in customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does it mean to have dashboards targeted to frontline users?

    Frontline users (i.e. field users) have very different needs than your full-time CX analyst. FieldCX dashboards focus on simplicity and performance, while maintaining a unified and scalable program.

  • What is the difference between FieldCX and Dashboards 2?

    Dashboards 2 operates as the backbone upon which FieldCX builds guided insights and action drivers. FieldCX converts the data present in Dashboards 2 to a consumable interface that is natural to employees who are not full-time CX practitioners. FieldCX operates with only the necessary information and data for frontline employees, streamlining the front-end architecture for faster load times. Dashboards 2 will continue to have an organization’s worth of CX data, while FieldCX will funnel that data to the frontline.

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