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Conquer Complex Data

Enterprise data is messy and it comes in many forms, i.e. structured surveys, unstructured social commentary, operational and transactional records, etc. However, high-quality data is the engine that runs successful CX programmes. For a complete CX picture, you must properly collect, validate, and integrate data across your platform. MaritzCX helps organisations with feedback collection, data analysis, and data management for your important customer data.

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MaritzCX will help your organisation:

  • Data collection connects with your omni-channel data strategy
  • Data services give you access to 700 interviewing stations to collect data at any scale
  • Data workflow integrates and normalises structured and unstructured data
  • Data management automates data workflows through a simple drag and drop interface
  • Data visualisation displays data instantaneously for faster action

Expand Your Data Collection Projects

Expand your current data collection processes with access to the largest and most advanced data collection network in the world – giving you the breadth, depth, and capacity to meet your most demanding data collection requirements, such as call center services, interviewing stations, session replays, email surveys, video feedback, IVR, online reviews, and social media posts.

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Data Collection Projects

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Email Surveys Sent

An Automated Solution to Manage Your Complex Data

CXWorkflow—MaritzCX’s proprietary data management engine—allows CX practitioners to ingest data from diverse sources across the organization into the platform to maximize the quality and understanding of the complete experience.
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Rocket Speed for Enterprise Business Operations 

Once the millions of survey responses and data points are ingested and normalised, CX practitioners need to quickly funnel data to the proper reporting mechanisms for proper visualisation. Through RocketCX – the  patent-pending technology that combines NoSQL flexibility with the query speed of cube technology – companies can power complex CX programmes, while loading dashboard charts and graphs instantaneously.

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Make MaritzCX Enterprise Data Solutions Part of Your Comprehensive CX Strategy

MaritzCX Enterprise Data Solutions are a fully integrated piece of the larger MaritzCX platform, which means it works with a comprehensive suite of software and services to drive improvements in customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between CXWorkflow and data import/data export functionality?

    CXWorkflow is the mechanism that sits between the data origin (e.g. CRM system or XLS document) and the data destination, i.e. the MaritzCX platform or any integrated software system. CXWorkflow ensures that the data being imported and exported is consumable for any system through its step-wise interface that validates, structures, cleanses, and enriches the data. Once the data is mapped and formatted for proper platform consumption, the data import function or export function will take place. After an organisation creates its various workflows (an unlimited number of workflows can exist), the platform will automate the data processing for each inbound and outbound data source.

  • What is the capacity of the MaritzCX Data Collection network?

    The ISO-certified MaritzCX network is one of the largest and most robust data collection engines in the world. MaritzCX conducts more than 6.3 million interviews and more than 4.1 million email surveys every year, which means we can handle data collection projects of all types and sizes using whatever combination of methods and survey vehicles you choose.

  • How does the MaritzCX Data Collection network gather customer information?

    MaritzCX embraces a mixed- and multi-mode approach to data collection, which means we move seamlessly between different methodologies and survey technologies depending on the needs of your business. This includes any combination of telephone, online, mobile, and traditional mail surveys. In addition, the MaritzCX network can integrate and incorporate data from other sources, including your own operational data, financial information, social media feedback, and more.

  • What types and sizes of organisations can benefit from MaritzCX Data Collection services?

    MaritzCX Data Collection is built to handle all kinds of data collection projects—from a few thousand email surveys in a specific region to massive, mixed-mode global research projects involving millions of customer interactions.

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