Benchmarking Studies

Measure Business Momentum using Benchmarking

Invaluable Competitive Insights with Benchmarking

Including a benchmarking study in your CX programme helps you understand where you stand against competitors—and across industries— on customer experience measures that matter. The results show you what’s most important to your customers and how to drive overall improvement in your organisation.

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Benchmarking Studies Help You:

  • Compare your brand to your competitors
  • Excel and further differentiate your company
  • Identify drivers of satisfaction by industry
  • Set goals that create customer, employee, and company alignment

Get Clear, Actionable Data

At MaritzCX we know competitive benchmarking, our CXStandards benchmarking study provides three invaluable insights: your brand standing vs. your competitors, what drivers matter most to purchasers, and a comparison to help you understand best-in-class providers in your industry. To take advantage of our CXStandards benchmarking study or to conduct a customised benchmarking study contact a MaritzCX Rep.

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Deeper Competitive, and Industry Insights with Benchmarking

MaritzCX has been doing competitive benchmarking studies for years and we continue to collect data on a continuous basis and deliver quarterly benchmarks for 55 CX categories across 16 different industries. Our CXStandards benchmarking objective delivers transactional benchmark data to help businesses make more informed decisions about customer experience enhancements.

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Learn from Nationwide Brands and Category Leaders

We can help you focus your CX goals by using our benchmark data. To do this, we use four core measurements in our benchmarking studies to maximise insight and business results for our clients.

Make CXStandards Benchmarking a Part of Your Comprehensive CX Strategy

CXStandards benchmarking can add that extra element of insight and understanding of how you improve customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is CXStandards benchmarking pricing determined?

    Pricing is based on client requirements – One industry or all industries, the amount of analytic time required, and if the reporting will be integrated into the MaritzCX platform or stand-alone reporting (excel viewer tool or mTab cross-tab tool).

  • Does CXStandards offer any regional data in the form of a custom filter or custom programme subset?

    No, the CXStandards programme is a study based on a national consumer panel so the data reflects benchmarks for brands that can be found throughout the United States, brands that are familiar to our entire consumer panel. That said, some regional brands do find it helpful to benchmark their performance on our metrics against the larger, national brands.

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