SocialCX, Now Available from MaritzCX, Enhances Online Reputation and Improves Customer Experience Outcomes

– CX teams can encourage positive reviews for local branches or storefronts and easily respond to social feedback within a centralised CX platform –

HIGH WYCOMBE – July 14, 2016 – MaritzCX, a global customer experience (CX) software and services company, today announced the availability of SocialCX™, the first solution that specifically helps CX pros manage and increase positive reviews on social media to enhance online reputation. With the ability to encourage customers to generate positive reviews, SocialCX helps businesses create a more favourable social presence at the local level and increases customer conversion. It also provides a systematic and timely means of identifying, distributing and responding to negative or positive online feedback and reviews.

SocialCX focuses on social media sources that contain the most useful information — like popular local review sites — and then uses a MaritzCX text analytics engine to find, capture and transform unstructured social media data into useful and relevant CX insights. With SocialCX, businesses can fully integrate social content with other sources of customer data so they can see, sense, and act more quickly and effectively.

While other social solutions focus on high-level brand monitoring, analytics and advertising, only SocialCX leverages the power of social media to deliver CX outcomes. By focusing on actionable comments and online reputation at the local point of impact, MaritzCX is enabling companies to realise CX-specific goals and measurable return on CX investments.

SocialCX from MaritzCX helps businesses:

  • Influence online reputation by encouraging everyday customers to help generate positive reviews, leading to a more favourable social presence and increased customer conversion.
  • Monitor social media, including online reviews and other sources of CX-filtered social media, alongside other sources of CX information to provide more representative CX insights and earlier issue detection for frontline managers.
  • Respond to online customer reviews, particularly at the often-overlooked channel level, to increase customer retention through improved social response and problem resolution.

“Every day, thousands of customers rate, review and discuss their experiences on countless social media and online review sites. Every company is only one bad review or post away from public ridicule and the economic impact that can follow,” said Carine Clark, president and CEO of MaritzCX. “By monitoring online reviews alongside other CX sources of information, businesses are better armed to make the right and most relevant customer experience improvements that will boost customer retention and revenue.”

SocialCX is fully integrated into the MaritzCX platform, a SaaS-based system that enables organisations to increase customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value by quickly collecting omni-channel customer information, analysing the data in near real time, turning it into a cohesive view of the customer experience and making it available to everyone in the organisation. MaritzCX delivers SocialCX in partnership with social media company Podium.

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