MaritzCX and Survox Team Up to Advance Multi-Channel Data Collection on the MaritzCX Platform

High Wycombe, 22 December 2015 – Survox, the global leader in phone survey automation platforms, today introduced the integration of the Survox Phone solution with the MaritzCX Platform. Survox for MaritzCX enables businesses to easily add a phone-based channel to collect customer experience (CX) data directly into the MaritzCX Platform, reaching a broader audience while providing a clearer and more accurate view of customer behaviour and the insights to respond effectively.

Customer experience surveys, authored within the MaritzCX Platform, can be deployed online, via a mobile device or used by live phone agents as the interview script to collect customer feedback.  One survey with several collection methods and one response repository increases the response rate and provides a more in-depth view of the customer experience.  The MaritzCX Platform enables organisations to increase customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value by quickly collecting omni-channel customer information, analysing the complex data in near real time, turning it into a cohesive view of the customer experience, and making it available to everyone in the organization.

The Survox–MaritzCX integration enables businesses to:

  • Reach a wider range of customer segments by offering multiple engagement methods.
  • Gather higher quality insights from more representative respondents by using respondent targeting to solicit feedback from under-represented groups.
  • Standardise survey design and speed analysis and reporting by using a single platform.
  • Link customer response with transaction data, enabling MaritzCX users to gain powerful insights that will help diagnose customer problems and drive immediate action.

“The barriers are coming down,” according to Mark Magee, MaritzCX Vice President of Product Management. “The new integration shows the power of the MaritzCX platform to support multi-mode and mixed vendor data collection strategies. It also illustrates the openness of the MaritzCX Platform and strengthens our long term commitment to Survox as a partner for phone-based feedback collection, an important channel for the enterprises we support.”

“MaritzCX has a diverse customer base—including retail, automotive, financial services, business and consumer technologies—that will benefit from this new functionality,” said Survox President and CEO Mary McDougall.  “MaritzCX is a leader in tracking, managing and understanding customer experience to drive positive organizational change. By offering more ways for customer engagement and streamlining the data analysis process, we’re providing MaritzCX users with new opportunities to extract a deeper level of customer understanding.”

The Survox for MaritzCX Release continues Survox’s mission to drive down costs and remove obstacles for businesses taking a multi-channel approach to research design—with the goal of helping them engage with and better understand the needs of their customers and employees.



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