We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

Dräger Achieves Higher Degree of Customer Proximity

High Wycombe – 11 April 2017. Dräger, an international leader in medical and safety technology, deployed a customer experience platform designed by MaritzCX, a global provider of customer experience software and services. Moreover, the two companies collaborated to develop a new reporting concept and alert system that can be individually adapted to suit various markets and target groups.

Manufacturing companies are increasingly focusing on customer orientation. Whereas, B2B companies have been mainly geared towards products and processes, they are now concentrating more and more on the needs of their customers – and Dräger is a pioneer in this area. In order to gain a competitive advantage through customer focus, Dräger required a solution that gathers and analyses customer feedback and data in one central location, providing each user with the insights, they need to pro-actively develop their customers’ experience.

Within a few months, Dräger rolled out the platform in several regions and countries with resounding success:

“Various parts of the company are profiting from a far higher degree of customer proximity and gaining important insights and impulses through a structured, regular dialog with customers,” said Björn Weiner, head of customer experience management at Dräger. In fact, Dräger can now conduct around 1,000 customer interviews per month and measure the most important indicators at five different touchpoints along the customer journey.”

Initially driven by a strong desire to improve its customer care services, in 2013 Dräger jointly with MaritzCX already began to focus more on identifying and solving customer problems at the following points of contact: Repair, maintenance, installation, ordering, delivery, and the website. Daily telephone and online surveys with appropriately short questionnaires were directed at customers that had contacted Dräger at one of the touchpoints in the recent past.

Despite the underlying platform performing well, Dräger recognised a weak point relatively quickly: The platform was not sufficiently target group-specific to be able to derive actionable information from the customer feedback it had obtained. For this reason, the company systematically forged ahead with an enhanced development of its customer experience and, a few months ago, decided for the new MaritzCX platform.

“The success rate in identifying current customer problems in the various processes has become considerably higher,” said Weiner. “The CX strategy we developed in collaboration with MaritzCX provides us with an extremely flexible, specific presentation of the feedback data. We can utilise this data to take action if the need arises. We are impressed by how many employees we are able to share this data with in a very simple way.”

A key component in this endeavour is an innovative feedback system, which ensures the permanent improvement of critical customer contact points in the customer journey such as ordering, delivery, maintenance, and repair.

“What Dräger has been able to do is create a CX programme that has become a natural extension of the its existing CRM and data gathering systems. Now they are able to effectively support employees and customers by providing the tools to nurture and develop every business relationship,” explained Stephan Thun, CEO International at MaritzCX. “The ability to retain and recover customers has helped them uncover new business opportunities.“

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