We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:


Implement a Mobile Strategy To Enhance Customer Experience

Mobile moments on the go

As customers are shifting to a mobile mindset, companies need to focus on mobile users by providing easy and immediate access to mobile content that enhances their life, personally and professionally. Feedback collection is no different. Companies need to capture customers in mobile moments and on the go.

Our own internal metrics have shown a rapid transition to mobile connectivity and therefore we have positioned ourselves to help our customers stay at the leading edge of this mobility wave.

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Mobile Surveys will give you:

  • A smooth and cohesive experience across all devices and screen sizes
  • Immediate customer feedback, even on the go
  • Intuitive mobile survey administration and management
  • Ability to respond quickly to negative and positive customer feedback
  • A structure for planning improvement of CX metrics
  • Always up-to-date technology for your CX programme
Global Mobile Platform Usage 2012-2015
Source: MaritzCX Platform

Mobile Surveys


MaritzCX embraces responsive design technologies to automatically optimise surveys for phones and tablets. This means that your respondent has the same experience regardless of their device, browser, or location – eliminating pinching or scrolling to achieve higher response rates. Even inconvenient 10 point scales are resized for smooth completion.

Mobile SDK

Our Mobile SDK enables you to quickly and easily embed a MaritzCX survey in your Android or IOS mobile apps, giving you immediate feedback from your customers, prospects, and constituents.

Delivering surveys “in the moment” or “on the go” can increase your response rates by making surveys more convenient — and increase the actionable data you collect by making them more timely.

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Example: When your guest checks out of your hotel, the survey app is notified and sends them an invitation to take a quick survey while they wait in the taxi line. Or perhaps you’re collecting data from rental car customers. Once they return a car, you can use an app to deliver a short survey while the agent is checking in the vehicle.

Case Management

Cases can be automatically created from survey responses and then pushed to the frontline workers closest to the customer for immediate response to customer needs or concerns. The assigned caseworker can then quickly assess the situation and take the appropriate recovery steps. The app is easily customised through drag and drop functions to ensure caseworkers have the latest, most relevant information. The case is managed through a native iOS or Android app. Anyone can work a case — from awareness to closure — all from within the app.

Social Media dia

Example: While away from the office, an auto dealership service manager receives a notification on his phone regarding a negative review posted on social media. The manager can follow up or assign the case to a team member immediately — right from within the app.

Action Planning

Detailed plans to improve lagging CX metrics — or evolve the organisational structure to be more customer focused — can be reviewed, updated and completed with Action Planning. Action Planning can also be done through a native iOS or Android app.

Alert dia

Example: A bank branch follows several key metrics known to contribute to overall customer satisfaction, one of which, “wait time for an associate” has been lagging over the last quarter. The branch manager decides to define a plan of action to improve this metric. In the app, she can select a target goal, summarise the action items, deliverables and milestones, invite other participants, view and update status, and complete the plan.

Keystone of Innovation

With the invention of new technologies such as beacon, geo fencing and other location-based services, the mobile landscape will become more and more relevant to the delivery of customer experience. Whatever the trend, you can count on MaritzCX to bring it to bear on your CX outcomes. We’re excited to have mobile technology as a keystone of our innovation efforts and look forward to bringing new mobile technologies to our customers in the future.