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Using CXEvolution® to Drive the Best CX Action and Get the Best CX Results

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After years of CX assessment models that provided a wealth of information BUT with little connection to tangible business results, MaritzCX has developed CXEvolution® – the market’s solution for a CX best practice framework to deliver greater agility and linkage to business. MaritzCX has spoken to over 5,000 CX practitioners, representing over 40 different industries and from this data, our CXEvolution team has been able to develop 4 key CX success stages that identify the best practices that differentiate high performing CX programmes from low performing CX programmes.

Join MaritzCX’s Directors for Insights and Analytics Derek Eccleston and Jeremy Griffiths for a web cast and find out why your organisation needs a CX framework that ties to key financial performance indicators.

Join the webinar and receive the following information:

  • Overview of the CXEvolution CX Success Stages
  • How CXEvolution Functions within an Organisation’s Business Model
  • What the CXEvolution Deliverables are
  • Sneak Peek of the Proprietary Business Case Framework

To find out more about our CXEvolution framework, follow this link.

Watch the Webinar

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