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Measure, Analyse, Act

You’re ready to implement robust data gathering processes and technology. Now it’s time to transform all of that static information into meaningful, actionable customer insights. MaritzCX combines technology, data, research expertise, and services to help you instantly understand and improve every customer experience.

Seeing Is Believing

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What you’ll learn in the demo:

  • Survey creation and management – Collect data and feedback from different channels powered by a big data platform for quality interactions.
  • Dashboards advanced business reporting – Integrate, intuitively explore, and display the most relevant CX intelligence and information in one place.
  • Spotlight® data mining software – Identify key customer segments and uncover insightful patterns in survey and operational data in just a few seconds.
  • Text Analytics – Integrate, multi-language text analytics, and identify key issues and triggers to make meaningful change by collecting free-form, verbatim customer comments from virtually any source, and automatically extract the most important information.
  • Case management and reporting – Automate CX workflows and customer care via a closed-loop system that includes flexible reporting capabilities to easily monitor issues and resolutions.

The MaritzCX solution offers critical components and differentiators that are key to your success:

Open Software Platform More modern, user-friendly, and ready for future technologies. Stacked with APIs and SDKs to make it easy for you and your teams to integrate reports and analytics.

Big Data Platform – Allows you to process massive amounts of data effortlessly. Faster data means faster improvements in the hands of the right people.

Flexible Service Model – Allows for the fast implementation of changes. Self-service to full-service, we make it easy for you and your teams to access, configure, and change elements at any time – full access 24/7

SAAS – Accessed through the internet gets you continuously updated software

Why MaritzCX?

Big Data Approach. No data set too big, crunch the numbers in seconds, identify trends and patterns instantly.

Best Practices. We are industry leaders, with industry knowledge. You don’t have to make the mistakes everyone else makes because we’re there to guide you.

Programme Setup. You could spend thousands of hours setting up a program, but why would you? We can stand up a best practices program for you in weeks, not months or years.

Flexible Self Service Delivery Model. We are there for you, but you don’t have to wait for us. Call us when you need us, but don’t worry about change orders or nickels and dimes.

End-to-End Solution. One Platform. You won’t need to buy third-party add-ons or deal with multiple vendors.

Multi-Data Sourcing. Not just survey data, with the platform you can take advantage of all your data, surveys, HR data, operational data, industry data, employee data easily integrated and visualised.

Integrated Best-of-Breed Text Analytics. Our integrated text analytics technology makes quick work with open-ended feedback, delivering powerful insights.

Bring all the Pieces Together

Today’s customer experience (CX) landscape is complex. That’s why you need a multi-faceted CX software partner and platform that can help you today, and lead you in the future. Let us help you better serve your customers by learning more about the MaritzCX Platform.

MaritzCX is the world’s only full-service customer experience company that combines technology, data, and research expertise to make sure the right people in your organization can understand and respond to every customer experience in real time.

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