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Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research


MaritzCX are delighted to have guest speaker, Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research and an expert in digital customer experience, measurement and strategy, guide us through this year’s CX research.

She will give a holistic overview of customer experience performance, highlighting:

  • how the emotional aspects of customer’s experience influence brand loyalty
  • how you can anticipate customer emotions, design experiences, and coach employees to provide customer positive experiences every time.

Join MaritzCX as we provide you a unique insight into the most important customer experience research of the year.

Learn in this webinar:

  • Best practices for delivering emotionally resonant customer experiences
  • How to measure emotions in a customer experience journey
  • How to design emotionally engaging customer experiences

About the speaker

Based in London, Joana serves Customer Experience Professionals. Her areas of expertise include digital customer experience, measurement, strategy, customer understanding, and design.

Before joining Forrester, Joana was the senior customer experience manager at Elsevier, a leading provider of science and health information. She was responsible for all aspects of customer experience including measurement, strategy, customer understanding, and design. She set up and managed a team of Customer Experience Professionals in charge of delivering customer insights to the business through customer journey and ecosystem mapping as well as implementing projects that drove customer satisfaction and reduced customer effort at Elsevier.


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