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MaritzCX Casts a Spotlight to Predict CX Business Outcomes


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MaritzCX started with the simple idea that businesses need more than scores and need to use valuable customer data to meet every CX challenge.

Your organisation collects a vast amount of customer data. It is CX Gold! By integrating data with the processes that drive case management and action planning you quickly move to a predictive business state using correlation and key driver analysis.

MaritzCX Spotlight rapidly mines customer data to deliver actionable intelligence. Quickly trends will emerge that will highlight where strong advocacy or detraction exists in groups of customers – insights you can use to adapt and build your CX strategy.

PredictionCX lets you take global action with confidence as individual customer experiences unfold. Get a predictive view of respondents and see a clear picture of which customers to engage with and what you can do to retain their loyalty and business.

Leaving data unconnected, you will never discover what your customers truly think about your business, deterring you to predict what share of their wallet you can expect.

VW, Dräger and HSBC chose MaritzCX because we apply a unique combination of technology and services, solely focused on improving customer experience. Our people have proven industry expertise and our technology seamlessly integrates with client-side systems to enable rich metadata to be passed to the MaritzCX platform about each touchpoint and customer journey for in-depth insight and analysis.


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