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Why MaritzCX For Your Aviation CX Programme


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MaritzCX started with the simple idea that businesses need more than NPS scores and reports to meet their clients’ customer experience (CX) challenges. We combine the deep expertise of a proven research leader with the speed and innovation of an award winning SaaS CX solution. The result is a faster, smarter approach that gives airlines the power to see, sense and act on the experiences of every individual traveller in real time.

Airlines regularly discover new insights about their customers and have instant access to the CX information and resources to drive change, so they never have to guess about how to earn the loyalty of customers. Airlines can change policies and operationalise procedures to increase the share of the flyers’ wallet. These airlines can create new value for customers and accelerate growth.

Qantas, TAP Portugal and Azul chose MaritzCX because we have a unique combination of technology and services, solely focused on improving the customer experience. Our people have proven airline industry expertise and our technology seamlessly integrates with client-side systems to enable rich metadata to be passed to the MaritzCX platform about each passenger and journey for in-depth insight and analysis.

Our expertise and focus on Airlines ensures Voice of Customer (VoC) programmes will measure third party performance (online and airport services) and contribute to overall improvement.

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