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Lights, Camera – CX Action!

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The goal of investments in customer experience (CX) is to deliver better experiences for the customer. In order to achieve this, CX not only has to be measured, but needs to be developed in a targeted way, so that Customer Experience Measurement becomes Customer Experience Management.

CX investment can only be justified, by understanding and analysing the effects of the realised activities.

Continuous feedback programmes deliver dual benefits.   Firstly, direct case management of individual (unsatisfied) customers (closing the loop) is enabled, and secondly, the feedback drives general improvement of processes and services.

Discover in our webinar “Lights, Camera – CX Action” how the programmes can be effectively implemented, in order to achieve perceptible change in customer experience and increase loyalty and spending.

Based on best practice examples, our expert Derek Eccleston will showcase

  • tools, that help you translate insights into successful outcomes,
  • analysis models to apply to discover priorities and develop activities, which make a true difference, and
  • why cultural change is necessary, as a prerequisite for effective actions.

Derek Eccleston
Derek Eccleston joined MaritzCX’s expert services team with a wealth of experience within CX and related industries, having previously held positions at eDigitalResearch and Advisory Insight. He is an active member of the Professional Development Advisory Board at the Market Research Society (MRS). As a CX Consultant, his mantra is ‘Design, implement, manage and drive results from Customer experience (CX) measurement and management programmes’.

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