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“Winning the Battle for Customer and Employee Hearts & Minds”

Thousands of business executives have downloaded this incredible book about which served a pivotal role in driving the “Engagement Revolution.”  It is a collection of papers from J.D. Power & Associates, Peppers & Rogers Group, CustomerThink and Allegiance on establishing practices that turn loyal customers into walking billboards who tell their friends and colleagues about your business. When applied to employees, Engagement can help improve productivity and reduce employee churn.

From this reference guide, readers will learn the following:

The progression of satisfaction to loyal to engaged.  For example, a satisfied restaurant customer means the service and food were adequate.  A loyal customer means they will come back to your restaurant sometime in the future.  An engaged customer means they tell their friends about your restaurant and come back to your restaurant most every time they eat out.

The Hierarch of Engagement.  This is a 6-stage scale that starts at building trust and culminates in the customer/employee being excited or proud of their relationship with your company.

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