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Aeromexico Case Study

Aeromexico Pinpoints the Drivers of Great Customer Experience

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Aeromexico operates more than 550 daily flights and serves more than 81 destinations in Mexico and major cities in the United States, Canada, Central and South America and Europe. It is also the only airline in Latin America to offer customers regular and direct flights to Asia. ‘Great customer service’ isn’t a phrase normally associated with the airline industry, but Aeromexico is doing its best to change that. As the largest and oldest legacy airline in Mexico, Aeromexico is pioneering a unique programme to identify every weakness in the travel experience and improve the processes that most impact that experience. The initial goal is to capture passenger feedback, analyse relationships among data and share key insights with executives, airport managers, boarding agents, flight attendants and pilots. The long-term goal is to understand what factors drive the customer’s decision to repurchase.

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