UK Consumer Benchmarking Study: How Do You Compare As a Brand?

Bain & Company and MaritzCX benchmarked the customer experience delivered by more than 190 brands in 15 industries and sub-industries, including Automotive, Travel, Logistics, Utilities, Technology and Media across the UK. The study identifies the brands that UK customers consider to be the best within their industries and across industries in overall customer experience, digital and non-digital channel experience, resolving complaints, and innovation.

Within the industries, the study highlights leaders in brand perception, major product categories and customer journeys. The data from the study reveals the economic value of delivering a great customer experience and explores in depth the reasons why brands and industries win or lose on customer experience.

Purchase a license to access multiple MaritzCX dashboards where you can explore how your brand performs against others in your industry and drill into target groups using numerous demographics and other pre-configured filters. You can also obtain a license to access the data from multiple industries to explore best practices outside of your normal peer group.

Access to the data will help you to define the ambition required to delight customers, identifying the size of the prize for achieving customer leadership, defining the levers to become a customer leader, and providing perspective on how specific aspects of the experience – such as complaint handling and channel performance – correlate with overall customer loyalty. In addition, the study highlights the drivers of innovative brands and opportunities for brands to differentiate themselves from peers.

Some of the key findings of the study are:

  • Only about 10 percent of brands in the UK have an NPS of 40 or more. Brands that stand out for customers include NFU Mutual, First Direct, Volvo, Netflix and Amazon
  • Technology, auto and media companies had the largest shares of promoters while logistics, energy and water companies had the least.
  • Banks and airlines have the widest range of customer loyalty scores
  • John Lewis, DPD, Sky and Tesla are ranked among the top 5 in terms of innovation.
  • Technology is the largest contributor to innovation for many UK industries

To read the free summary of the study click here to be taken to the Bain & Company website.

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