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What is CXEvolution?

CXEvolution is an enterprise CX success model based on industry-specific best practices that help you create a business case for your organisation’s multi-year CX investments. CXEvolution will link your current and future CX initiatives to financial performance indicators within each business unit (i.e. people, growth, tech, etc.). Based on your CX success stage assessment, the model integrates directly into your company roadmap, detailing specific business solutions for leadership and frontline employees. This ensures your CX programmes are progressing toward greater success while operationalizing each best practice to drive greater business value and laser-focused success.

Your Roadmap to CX Success

The Stages of CX Success

CXEvolution runs the world’s largest study of CX practitioners with over 10,000 study participants, representing 1,000 different companies within 40 different industries. Based on an expert-led assessment that reviews performance in terms of CX strategy, people, processes, tech, customer alignment, existing customer growth, and other financial indicators, your company is placed within one of four CX success stages to determine realistic areas for improvement: Emerging, Attentive, Responsive, and Proactive.

CX Success Yields Big Business Results

NPS by Stage of CX Success

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“Customer experience (CX) programmes are prolific, but most have not produced the success that companies want. Why? Because most programmes are focused on chasing scores, rather than examining how to achieve those scores.

The CXEvolution framework combines academic rigor and deep practitioner experience to build an empirically valid maturity model that organizations can use to achieve measurable gains in their customer retention and financial goals. The bottom line: stop chasing scores and start chasing results.”

-Stacy Bolger, MaritzCX

Improve Your CX Programme Financial Return

Build your business case for multi-year CX investments and increase your company’s profitability, NPS scores, and retention by integrating CXEvolution’s CX framework into your company roadmap.

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