Advocacy Boards

Drive CX visibility within your organisation

Accelerate CX program engagement
Celebrate CX wins & share important initiatives
Monitor customer experience in real-time
See the complete CX picture across departments
Advocacy Boards bring the customer experience to life and strengthen the CX visibility for each department. The boards highlight the current customer pulse through a system that displays live customer feedback on any big screen TV throughout the organisation. The design is customised to filter the system for region, and other pre-defined filter views, as well as excluding inappropriate comments. Each board drives smarter CX decisions, encourage a customer-first mentality, and make the customer voice a common source of information before any form of strategic decision-making occurs. By visualising the CX programme frontline and executive teams can see real-time feedback, making the voice of customer tangible.
Share individual customer responses:
Celebrate CX program wins:
Reinforce important CX initiatives:

Drive CX Visibility Within Each Department

Advocacy Board is the first of its kind in the CX industry and provides a new opportunity for organisations to drive CX visibility. It was built for big business operations and is supported by MaritzCX’s industry-leading enterprise CX platform. Advocacy Board was built specifically for displaying CX feedback from the platform, so companies do not have to build their own feed or develop a solution outside of MaritzCX.

Advocacy Board will help your organisation:

  • Connect your organisation to the customer
  • Develop a customer-centric culture
  • Feed real-time customer feedback to employees
  • Create more unified teams breaking potential silo’s
  • Drive smarter and more strategic CX business decisions

Integrate the voice of the customer into every fiber of your company culture

Companies worldwide invest more than $1 billion annually in customer experience measurement – yet continue reporting that they struggle to create a comprehensive view of customer feedback. While the CX team analyses rich data and implements program improvements, the remainder of the organisation remains mostly siloed from the customer feedback and also CX wins.

Companies must be guided by the customer, whether in the improvement of customer services and business processes, creation of marketing messages, financial investment decisions, or the frontline customer interaction. The industry needs to promote the real-time customer voice and connect the customer experience to every department, which is why MaritzCX created Advocacy BoardT – the live customer feedback display built to bring real-time customer comments to levels of the organisation.

“An Advocacy Board makes CX an integral part of the company – it is the channel that connects often siloed teams to the bigger picture and builds confidence in CX investment dollars.”
– Stephan Thun, CEO International, MaritzCX

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