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We'll just need a little more information in order to optimize our services and communications for you:

Action Planning

Action planning is the process of defining and carrying out company objectives through detailed steps

Improve CX Through Strategising for Organisational Change

What is Action Planning?

Action planning refers to the process of defining and carrying out company objectives through detailed steps. It’s a way to ensure a company’s vision is concrete. The process of action planning involves several steps such as, what actions or changes will occur, who will carry out these changes, by when will they take place, and for how long, what resources are needed to carry out changes, and who should know what, when? Creating an action plan helps to allocate funds, prioritise tasks and maintain accountability. As more and more companies are beginning to focus on customer experience (CX), using action planning in a CX setting is becoming a viable option in providing organisational change.

Action Planning in CX

Today, companies usually have case management programmes to solve customer experience mishaps. While that is useful in customer retention, it can miss the larger issue. Using action planning alongside a CX programm can identify and solve systemic issues, such as policies and procedures, regarding customer service rather than symptoms. Implementing this solution can diagnose where a CX programm currently is, plan for where it needs to be, strategise on how to get there, and construct plans to execute. 

Action planning is useful in many situations, however, it can also be disadvantageous. For example, responsibilities that are distributed in order to accomplish a goal can be stressful. This can result in lack of goal achievement. Leadership is also crucial to the success of action plans. Project failure can result If leaders in an initiative don’t guide their team members and communicate properly. Actions plans that aren’t followed through with can become wasted time and money.


Every organisation works to remediate individual customer issues — whether through a formal case management solution or good faith efforts on the part of their employees. But organisations that are serious about differentiating on the basis of CX go on significant step further. Not content to simply solves problems one by one, they’re interested in using individual feedback to identify high impact institutional improvement opportunities and take actions that prevent issues in the first place.

Implement a holistic process improvement model that drives organisational change and improves customer focus at the source. You’ll have flexible tools that make it easy to create targeted action plans based on priorities — and then engage the right minds and roles in your organisation to execute them. Understand better the factors that most directly affect your customers’ experiences and assess your performance against industry or regional benchmarks. Link CX measures with financial performance to make the business case for a policy change or strategic investment. Our action planning experts have three decades of experience facilitating institutional change and business success with clients in various industries. Align and unify your practices, people, processes, and culture around your most pressing customer issues; complement individual customer feedback and case management practices with broad organisational change initiatives; provide everyone in your organisation — from top executives to frontline service employees — with the detailed info they need to continuously track and improve customer experiences.

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Action Planning: Turning Individual Feedback into Organisational Change

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“Good business planning is 9 parts execution for every 1-part strategy.” – Tim Berry

“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.” – Sun Tzu

“A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” – Brian Tracy