Taking the “Mystery” out of Mystery Shopping

Thu, Feb 04, 2016, 11 AM ET

Customer experience surveys have become shorter to increase engagement and maximize response rates. Because it is usually no longer practical to have rating questions about every possible customer touchpoint, companies are turning to open-ended questions to glean feedback about their products and services.

But much like the kraken that stalked seafarers of old, unstructured data is a beast (albeit a valuable one) that CX professionals must successfully tame. Join this webinar to learn how you can leverage the rich insights of unstructured data—but avoid being overwhelmed with its sheer breadth and depth—by fusing text analytics with data science.

To help you do it, MaritzCX’s Kurt Pflughoeft, Ph.D. (Advanced Analytics Chief), and Brion Scheidel (Director of Text Analytics), will share their experience, expertise, and specific case studies related to:

  • Mining customer comments from the web and separating valuable insights from “digital exhaust”
  • Conducting key driver analysis on open-ended comments to isolate what’s truly valuable in predicting customer behavior

If you’re ready to take text analytics to the next level, join us for this in-depth discussion on the advanced analytics services that can turn the abyss of unstructured data from a monster into a muse. But be sure to bring a rain jacket…It could get rough!

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