Realizing the Power of a Data-Driven Frontline Employee

Wed, Nov 20, 2019, 1 PM ET

Your frontline employees often serve as the face of your organization. They are the individuals who interact with customers daily and have a major influence on customers’ perceptions of your brand. For true CX success, these individuals must be empowered with the insights they need to drive positive customer experiences.

Join Jennifer Passini, Ph.D. and Jesse Stout to understand the value of providing frontline employees the right data, and how to most effectively get the data in their hands to drive meaningful improvements.

Jennifer Passini Jesse Stout
Jennifer Passini, Ph.D.
CX Solutions Strategist
Jesse Stout
Sr. Product Manager

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How empowering frontline employees with customer feedback drives positive outcomes
  • Why companies are focusing on developing at-risk customer recovery plans that include coaching opportunities for frontline employees
  • The most effective steps for leveraging a frontline tool that gives your employees the data they need
  • Industry best practices to empower your frontline staff so they can be motivated to internalize CX metrics and move on actionable data faster than ever

Increase your CX program ROI by giving your frontline the data they need for customer recovery, systemic improvements, and employee coaching. Your onsite teams can drive your corporate CX strategy and ROI, all while fulfilling their daily business operations.

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