Maximize Your Customer Journey Mapping Program

Wed, Jan 29, 2020, 1 PM ET

Customer journey mapping initiatives are critical to the success of any customer experience program and are widely used by savvy CX teams for a better understanding of their customers’ journey. However, many organizations fail to maximize their customer journey mapping insights by not fully integrating this knowledge into their overall CX strategy.

Join MaritzCX experts, Jennifer Passini and Frank Leinweber, as they explain how to enhance the value of your customer journey mapping program. They’ll show how to leverage journey mapping insights to help you determine what’s best to measure, identify weaknesses and pain points, and plan a course for action.

Attend this webinar and you will hear:

  • An efficient and effective approach to customer journey mapping
  • How customer journey mapping can support CX design, root cause, and operationalization of CX
  • Stories on how customer journey mapping has been leveraged to shape, refresh, and deliver CX action

Insights generated from customer journey mapping programs enable organizations to better comprehend the relationship of customer experiences, expectations, pain points, and ultimately, identify the experiences that truly matter most to their customers.

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